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Somethings never change. The first time I came to your site was a few years ago and I’ve been coming back since. Keep in mind, I’m very impatient. If something’s wrong, I’m out of there. But not here. I’ve never had a bad experience with your website. Thank you, you’ve been great.


I’ve just got the tickets. Very fast, convenient, no problems at all. Thanks again and hope to see you there.


I love this website!
I have read about your Battlezone Dance Contest and I was thoroughly intrigued. I’m not an amazing dancer but I do have a little bit experience. So, you know what I did? I recoded my dance video. Hopefully, I’ll be one of the finalists. But even if I’m not, I want to thank you for the fantastic opportunity to use your skills to travel and dance with the best in the world.


I’ve seen someone here mention your Battlezone Dance Contest and I’m very excited to participate as well. I looked around your site and didn’t find when the submissions are due. I’ve recorded my dance routine but can you tell me am I not late yet?


Good job on then the site and even better one on the movie. Really inspiring, fun. Simply amazing.


Hello, Rize Movie team.:)
I just came back from the cinema after watching your movie. It was fantastic. Really interesting and fun to watch.

With Love

Hey, people.
I loved your movie as well. But I also wanted to say something else. What you did with supporting the movie is great but I admire your support to the dance community. In the world were almost everything is about singers, seeing that dancers get a chance to show off their skills and get rewarded is really refreshing. I’ve been a dancer for 12 years and even though it’s a very hard profession, whenever I come against an aspiring dancer, I always want to help them in any way I can. Seeing you, or anyone else do the same is really fantastic. Once again, thank you. Yours truly, Philip T.

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